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23 May 2018 - 25 May 2018
Senftenberg, Germany
International Biotech Innovation Days

Special Issue „Translational Medicine and Digitalization“


The Journal of Cellular Biotechnology (IOS Press) is a peer-reviewed international journal for advancing research activities in the field of cellular biotechnology. Papers presenting information of a multidisciplinary nature - not suitable for publication in a journal devoted to a single discipline - are particularly welcome.

ISSN: 2352-3689 (print version), ISSN: 2352-3697 (electronic version)


The scope of the conference is to bring together specialists and experts in the fields of bioanalytics, biomedical and translational research, autoimmune diagnostics, digitalization, and engineering. The IBID 2018 is accompanied by a special issue in the Journal of Cellular Biotechnology covering a broad range of topics including:

  • fundamental research,
  • material sciences,
  • translational medicine,
  • cellular biotechnology,
  • model organisms,
  • digitalization and statistical bioinformatics,
  • microanalytical systems and chip-based bioanalytics,
  • analytical technologies and instrumentation

The issues will include short communications or tech notes as well as reviews. Articles may describe applications of respective methods and materials to health and clinical questions and of industrial products in general.

Deadline and Submission

We encourage submitting articles until June 01, 2018, later submissions require confirmation of the issue editors. The submission should follow the basic guidelines of the Journal of Cellular Biotechnology:

The authors are advised to contact issue editors via email: ibid@b-tu.de

Short Communications and Tech Notes

These should report on new scientific results and may be presented in the form of short communications or tech notes. The articles should not exceed a length of two pages (1500 – 2000 words, without the bibliography), up to 4 display items (e.g., figures and/or tables), and up to 25 references. Electronic Supplementary Material may be provided.

Review Articles

These provide reports of lasting value and present fundamental insight into emerging techniques, major subfields, and areas of underlying importance. They should provide the reader with a good perspective on the analytical relevance of the respective field. Reviews will begin at a level appropriate to introduce the general reader into the topic, then proceed to an in-depth discussion of the principles and basic concepts. The authors of reviews are advised to contact issue editors in advance via email before submission.

Instructions for authors can be found here as PDF.

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Senftenberg, Germany
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