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23 May 2018 - 25 May 2018
Senftenberg, Germany
International Biotech Innovation Days

Data Science Workshops

We offer two certified pre-conference workshops on data science and a statistical computing language (R-Project) that might be applied to many fields of research. Topics also include digital image analysis and applied statistical bioinformatics.

1. Introduction to Data Science in R

This introductory workshop provides training in data mining with the R environment. Examples presented in the workshop will focus on applications in natural and life sciences. R is a quickly developing tool for data analysis, embraced both by academia and industry (Google, Microsoft or Facebook). This workshop will introduce attendees to key concepts of data science and give a hands-on experience without requiring a previous knowledge of R. More Information

2. Advanced Data Science in R - Machine Learning

This workshop is aimed at participants already familiar with the basics of R. The first part (~ 1 hour) will introduce participants to the basic concepts of supervised (classification / regression) and unsupervised (clustering) learning. Afterwards you will learn how to efficiently and easily apply the most common techniques in R using the comprehensive mlr package. Our instructor, Jakob Richter is an experienced data scientists and as a co-developer of mlr knows the ins and outs of the package. He will demonstrate some of its key features on a practical example enabling you to apply mlr on your problems to find a good pefrorming prediction model, analyze and tweaking the performance using mlrs tuning methods.

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Senftenberg, Germany
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